Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I Got The Remedy

So last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited by Sam at Signature Brew to the launch their new beer in collaboration with Professor Green's. Named "Remedy" to co-inside with Hackney rapper Professor Green's new single this was a American inspired Pale Ale made solely with British hops.

Signature Brew are a fairly new brewery that offer musicians the chance to brew their own beers, to date having worked with Craig Finn from The Hold Steady and The Rifles. Signature Brew guide the artists through the whole process from the the development of the beer with testing sessions to help the artists pick out their favourite tastes, to the final brew at Titanic brewery.

My evening didn't start so well after getting lost coming out of the many at Old Street station I ended up walking in the wrong direction for quite some time before I arrived at The Marie Lloyd. The pub it's self is no longer open to the public but is in fact now owned by a PR and Media company for such events but it's self is still a lovely space, clearly used as an office by day but still manages to keep the a pub feel with brewing related nick nacks on the walls including a signed picture of Michael Barrymore!

The beer itself tastes like a classic American Pale without that familiar hop bite. Remedy however has a great crisp taste huge grapefruit after taste that really grows on you and kept me coming back for more. I'd be really interested to know which hops were used in this beer as the flavour was unexpected fore a beer brewed solely with British Hops.

After several bottles I got to talk to Professor Green about his beer and he came across very enthusiastic yet concerned that people wouldn't like it! But he couldn't be more wrong, I'd like to think I'm not a fan of gimmicks or things that are used as promotional tools but this is a good beer. The guys at Signature Brew clearly have a lot of knowledge and passion in what they are doing and this comes across in Remedy from the beer and the bottle it comes in. I look forward to finding out who they're working with next!

To find out more about the making of Remedy check out this video or if you want to get your hands on some Remedy then head over to www.gottheremedy.com