Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Proper Job that is!

Having tried and failed (several times) to find the right moment to crack open my bottle of AB:04 (part of Brewdogs Abstrakt range) I finally bit the bullet on new years eve.
I'd been excited about this beer ever since James Watts (Co-Founder of Brew Dog) mentioned it at a beer tasting, an Imperial Strength Stout infused with Chocolate, Coffee & Chilli.

The beer was a hefty 15% and you could certainly feel the lingering alcohol after my first taste. Obviously the chocolate and coffee have a huge impact on this beer improving on the traditional stout flavour. The chilli on the other hand was more subtle and was only really apparent after a sometime, when the familiar tingling of my lips appeared. Overall a great full bodied Stout with some great flavours. Looking forward to trying the bottles of AB:01 & 2 I was given for xmas.

Away with the fancy ales and in line with what's becoming something of a tradition once again the New Year was welcomed with a keg!
Having seen in 2010 with a 72 pint keg of Harveys Sussex Best, 2011 was welcomed with Cornish favourite St Austall's Proper Job a fantastically fresh IPA. With 36 pints resting carefully on my Networking Bible the 36 pints were gone by morning to be replaced by hangovers and Fakeon (Veggie Bacon).
A great way to see in the New Year!
However I think I speak for all of us when I say that this image will most likey haunt me for the rest of the year!!