Monday, 10 January 2011

The Real Kernel

A brewery that's slowly becoming one of my favourites, The Kernel Brewery based under the arches of London Bridge Station. So far they've release a number of pale ales, IPAs and dark beers since their creation just over a year ago. Other than producing great tasting beers, one thing I love about Kernel's beers is the simplistic labels, simply stating the type of beer, the hop(s) used  and the date of the brew.

This weekend I was lucky enough to sample 4 of their beers:

Having picked up 3 bottles to try on Friday:

IPA Simcoe Citra Columbus Apollo Nelson Sauvin 7.5%  - Heavily hopped, much akin to an American IPA. Bursting with citrus tones! One of the best IPAs I've ever had :)

Pale Ale Centennial / Chinook 5.3% - Pleasantly hoppy with orange & citrus bite yet with a bitter after taste. A perfectly palatable beer.

A London Porter 5.5% Pours jet black with a brown bubbling head. Has that familiar smoked, sweet fruity aroma synonymous with Porter. Flavour of roasted malts and smokey chocolate, with a fruitiness of prunes and raisins also coming through.

I then found their beers on sale at Bar Story in Peckham Rye, whilst out for a friends birthday. This time I pulmped for the:

IPA Citra 6.2%  - hoppy & citrus laden with a taste of pink grapefruit. As a friend proclaimed this is an"amazing one hop beer"