Monday, 4 March 2013

Tiny Rebel Brewing Company

So after a bad day in the office what better way to drown your sorrows but at the Rake? It also just happened to be the first day of their Welsh Beer Festival. And for me there is one welsh brewery above all the others; Tiny Rebel Brewing Company. Set up by brothers-in-law Gareth Williams and Bradley Cummings in their home town of Newport last year, they specialises in producing retro beers with a modern twist. With a number of beers under their belt including Hadouken 7.4% an amplified IPA brewed in collaboration with the Rake's @Rabidbarfly.

Having previously tried and loved their Welsh Red Ale Cwtch 4.6%, logic suggested to try a few more of their wears. First up was FuBar 4.4% a lovely light pale ale, with a huge hoppy nose and a slightly spiced bitter after-taste. Alas this beer is more suited to summer than freezing conditions of the Rake's garden.
So seeking warmth I spotted another TRBC beer, Billabong 4.6% on pump inside. Brewed solely with Australian hops this Pale Ale packs a punch as you'd expect with big citrus flavours. With a lovely floral taste  and lingering with pineapple and mango flavours.

As I was enjoying my pint, a few familiar faces turned up, and joined me for a drink. I was then recommended the Urban IPA 5.5% on keg & to complete the trilogy I couldn't say no! With a
hop forward and crisp tasting finish this was a surprisingly good beer. I'm not sure how often TRBC put this on keg, but it gives the beer a much crisper taste than on cask, though at over £5 a pint i'm not sure I'll be running back to try it!

Pictures from Tiny Rebel Brewing Co

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