Friday, 14 March 2014

Thirsty Thursdays - Pt 1 The Old Red Cow

For a while I've been trying to organise bi/tri weekly drinks with friends on a Thursday night in and around London. As these things inevitably do, it failed at the first hurdle - no one was free and so the weeks rolled by until last night! Where we descended on The Old Red Cow close to Barbican and Smithfields Market.
I hope this will become a regular feature as we attempt to tick off some of London's Finest watering holes.

The Old Red Cow is a traditional pub but with an updated modern twist. Its the sister pub of the Dean Swift  near Tower Bridge and it's attitude is exactly the same; serving 4 Cask Ales and 12 keg beers served from taps set into the wall behind the bar.

During our visit there were offerings from Camden Town, Kernel and the weekly guest brewery Bad Seed amongst several others. There's a vast bottle range on offer too with beers from around globe.

There's not much space in and around the bar but there's a larger bar & dining area upstairs although we didn't venture that far, deciding to take advantage of the balmy March weather we stood outside in the a joining alley. After eventually (and inevitably) succumbing to the cold we moved inside gazing jealously at the plates of burgers being delivered to one of the other tables. As well as great beers The Old Red Cow offers a full menu as well as bar snacks, and I'm dutifully told that their homemade Sausage Roll is something not to be missed.

Soon after we called it a night and headed off into the night, The Old Red Cow is a great little pub and if you work or are ever in the area then I definitely recommend you pop in!

The Old Red Cow
71/72 Long Lane,

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